Adhyayan Sanstha is involved in up gradation of Science, Mathematics and Geography Education at school level. Adhyayan Sanstha also supports learning of English vernacular medium schools.

India has a very good network of schools. We have different categories of schools [Zila Parishad schools, Municipal Council/Corporation schools, Ashram shala, State board schools, (aided and private), CBSE, ICSE and IB schools]. The maximum population of students go to state board schools, which are mostly governed by NGOs, Zila Parishads, Tribal departments and municipal corporations and councils. More than 90% of the students learning in India go to these schools.
The standard of learning in many of State board schools, Municipal schools, Zila Parishad schools & Ashram shala (though not all) is pathetic. Students do not understand the subject matter. In fact, learning takes place rarely. Passing the matriculation examination has become easier. “Learning” by cramming is encouraged. The basic purpose of school education is lost.

These schools need a big support. Adhyayan Sanstha is basically involved in state board schools, organized by NGOs (these are government funded as well as non-funded schools), Zila Parishad and municipal councils as well as corporations. In Goa, we also deal with CBSE board schools.

Adhyayan Sanstha strongly believes in learning capacity of our people. It has found that more than 90% of children can learn better, if they are provided basic teaching in positive and systematic way. To do this we follow the principle of Jean Piaget (Swiss Educational Psychologist). He has said, “Knowledge cannot be poured in anyone’s head. It gets constructed by experiencing and experimenting with the surrounding. Adhyayan Sanstha has developed more than 5000 ideas to provide the learning environment”. Along with content, Adhyayan Sanstha has developed ideas to inculcate the learning skills, numerical skills, thinking & critical thinking skills and presentation skills.

Adhyayan Sanstha also takes care to support children to understand the processes of the disciplines they learn (Processes of Science, Technology and Mathematics).

During the year under report Adhyayan Sanstha supported learning of 23,500+ students to learn seriously. More than 400 teachers attended various workshops and more than 7000 students and 150 teachers attended short seminars / workshops. In Kolkata and Bhubaneshwar, learning of more than 20,000 students is being affected by the support of Adhyayan Sanstha and 300+ teachers are getting regular support.