ConCom [Concepts and Computations]
We come across many good students through our SMIP and SSIP at middle school and secondary levels. Unfortunately, there is no proper system to nurture these students. In the project ConCom, we have a plan to give a different type of exposure to these children. Students undergoing ConCom, will be able to correlate basic science principles with nature and everyday life, understand basic science principles involved in technology, will be able to understand different technologies and its impact on society. These students will be able to use mathematics appropriately. They will be able to translate mathematics into physical principles and vice-versa. We will be conducting this activity in North Sindhudurg, Ratnagiri and Wada blocks. This will be a three year course through print, video, online and 2 workshops of 3 days. The students will be provided study materials.

Reading-Writing and Numerical Abilities in tribal areas.
Adhyayan has found that some school students at primary & middle school level cannot read and write properly. Many students cannot comprehend after reading. Adhyayan Sanstha will support students read, enjoy and comprehend. There is a big gap between the cultures of our students and books available. Adhyayan will catalyze students to read and comprehend with help of pictures and videos. The students will also be supported to write and acquire minimum numerical abilities.